American Defense Co-witness Mount

American Defense Manufacturing really went the extra mile to make things right for my co-witness project with my Trijicon RMR. The QD riser mount they sent didn't line up with my sight plane but after I contacted them to explain the situation they offered to make a new mount to the specs I sent. They actually ran about 25 of these risers (new size on the box was “mid”) so if you want one I suggest specifying that size with your order.
The new mount is now installed and as you can see below is aligning with my Troy iron sights for a perfect absolute cowitness. Make the jump to see the sight picture with the rear sight folded down (which is how I will typically run my rifle).
The RMR is a great optic- it has a slight magnification which my LGS (local gun store) didn't like but I find it easy to focus on. Likewise many question the 12moa triangle base but as you can see it doesn't overwhelm the view.
The dual-illuminated option is great because the holographic triangle never needs batteries. Indoors the washout factor has been minimal indoors- I can't wait to see how it handles in daylight.

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