MCN: Gun Owners Don’t Need to Explain WHY

Mr. Noir touches on an important element of the senseless arguments attacking The 2A in today's America: gun owners should NOT have to answer the question 'Why do you need ______ (that rifle, that magazine, etc.)?'

If we have resigned to being a society rationalized by “needs” instead of “wants” then Liberty is lost. The notion of justifying our possessions according to need reminds me of a famous quote:

From each according to his ability, To each according to his need.” – this is a popular slogan of the socialist movement which was made popular by Karl Marx. Is that the logic you wish to use to govern your life's decisions?

Too often the American masses embrace logic like this without understanding the basis of these arguements or the greater implications of embracing this line of thinking.

Mindless Hollywood liberals like Jeff Daniels, who thinks The 2A is unnecessary because it was written in a different era is the latest example of the same base argument. Of course Jeff Daniels may not agree with someone who questions why he needs his $45 million fortune or the lifestyle that comes with that sort of net worth…but he is part of the Dumb & Dumber duo with noted freedom-hater Jim Carrey so is this really a surprise?

1 thought on “MCN: Gun Owners Don’t Need to Explain WHY

  1. mysticalraven

    Kudos to Mr. Noir for making some very valid points. As a long time gun owner and ccw holder I feel no need to explain my decision to own/carry firearms. The Second Amendment says it all.


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