A court ruling that upholds The 2A

One thing I learned by reading over the federal firearms law summary in LegalHeat (see yesterday's post for the skinny on this helpful app) was that Federal Law prohibits not only possession of firearms inside of any Post Office but also in vehicles on the property. That means that even of someone drives through the mail drop with their carry piece ( even locked up in their vehicle) it is a violation of Federal Law.

This was never mentioned in my CCW course by the way- I'm not sure how widely understood that law is among citizens. At any rate it looks like change is underfoot. A US District Court in Colorado has ruled (bold emphasis added by author) :

In sum, openly carrying a firearm outside the home is a liberty protected by the Second Amendment. The Avon Post Office Building is a sensitive place and the ban imposed by the USPS Regulation is a presumptively valid restriction of that liberty. The Plaintiff has failed to present evidence to rebut that presumption. The parking lot adjacent to the building is not a sensitive place and the Defendants have failed to show that an absolute ban on firearms is substantially related to their important public safety objective.

There you have it- a glimmer of hope for our inalienable rights at a time where it seems like government overreach has become impossible to keep in check. Every legal precedent helps strengthen the 2A- and we may need them all to keep the Antis at bay.

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