Know the Law

One of the aspects of a Concealed Carry lifestyle you need to keep up on is the firearms laws in your area. Laws can change frequently- in some cases for better, like the Illinois Concealed Carry law passed on Juy 9th and in others for worse, like the Colorado Gun Control laws that now outlaw standard capacity magazines, among other things.

LegalHeat is an app for iPhone and Android that works as a simple index of firearms laws by state and lists both statute and plain-english breakdowns. It's handy if youre driving through several states and includes Federal laws. Topics for each state include:

  • Concealed Carry laws
  • Open Carry laws
  • Transport laws
  • Other laws
  • Permit reciprocity

So long as they update the app frequently this could be very useful – well worth the $0.99 to me.


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