Home Defense Flashlight Techniques

Lately there seems to be a lot of chatter about mounting lights on home defense weapons. Do you need a weapon-mounted flashlight? The typical reasoning is that you do because a flashlight takes up one hand and why add a piece of equipment to carry when you can instead integrate it with your firearm?

After considering my own circumstances and needs I decided that the negatives to mounting a light on my home defense weapon outweigh the positives. Like many decisions of this nature I asked one of the friendly faces at my LGS. The info I gathered in this conversation may not apply to you at all- every person needs to assess their own needs.

After showing me a $400 surefire laser/flashlight combo he pointed out a few drawbacks to adding an appendage like the one in the photo above to my pistol:

  • If you get a light, you need a specialized holster. If you can even find one- the light is a serious footprint increase. That means that you have limited the utility of that pistol- at least for me since this is almost always holstered in an IWB or belt holster.
  • How often will you need the flashlight? There is plenty of ambient streetlight around my house so it's seldom pitch black. If I was clearing caves in Afghanistan or had a10 bedroom home to clear maybe my answer would be different- but my current circumstances aren't like that. Anyone who is supposed to be in my home at night is in bed with me- this further simplifies my situation.
  • What about that time when I do need a light? After all the concealed carry lifestyle is predicated on being ready for the unexpected and unlikely occasion, is it not? Save a few dollars and get a good tactical flashlight. I have my eye on a 5.11 ATAC

Surefire, 5.11 Tactical and Streamlight are all marquis names- Amazon has a hoard of lights from them for almost any price you like. Find one you like- I recommend small enough to fit in a pocket and you can even make it part of your Every-Day Carry.

Tomorrow: Info on tactical flashlight use for details on popular flashlight techniques and which technique is best for different situations.

2 thoughts on “Home Defense Flashlight Techniques

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