It’s almost ready…

This is a photo of the new Co-Witness riser mount for my Trijicon RMR. American Defense Mfg sent me a photo to show that it's getting close. The mount is partially complete here- the top needs some further machining, the coating and assembly of their awesome quick-detach latch.
The latch clamps onto the rail like a vise but unlike any other QD latch I have used it opens with almost no effort thanks to the release- its far superior to the Aimpoint T1 micro QD system. In a few more days the riser will look like this:
American Defense really went the extra mile here- after I ran into a height problem trying to co-witness and I explained my effort to diagnose the problem they made me a new mount to my own specification. This is a great product backed by good people- they offer a wide range of QD mounts and are worth a serious look if you want to maximize use of bipods, lights, optics, pretty much anything you want to hang on that picatinny rail.


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