Syrian Rebels need weapons but law-abiding Americans can’t be trusted

Does that sound paranoid or delusional? That doesn't matter because it's true.

The President of the United States has openly and condescendingly mocked Americans who say they need “assault rifles” to protect against the possibility of a tyrannical government. Yet he’s intent on providing assault rifles to “rebel” forces who oppose a “legitimate” (i.e., UN recognized) government. The President does so in the name of ending the slaughter that accompanies tyranny.

As if that's not enough it gets better:

So let me get this straight- the POTUS mocks law-abiding citizens of his own nation when they demand that their natural right to protect themselves be preserved.

At the same time it is perfectly acceptable to prop up the most dangerous arm of Al-Qaeda in existance and provide thousands of arms to drug cartels who continue to erode what's left of Mexico.

Want this to change? Research candidates and vote. 2014 is the first opportunity to clean house in Washington.


2 thoughts on “Syrian Rebels need weapons but law-abiding Americans can’t be trusted

  1. lwk2431

    Largely agree with your sentiments, but your graphic (cartoon) is not entirely accurate. The first frame (left) shows people under the boot of Bashar. The second shows them under the USA. But that is not what Obama is doing. He may use American assets to help the Muslim extremists, but the USA will have no power at that point. In fact they will probably hold the USA in even more contempt as weak, stupid, and easily fooled.

    BO is probably a “Manchurian Candidate.” He is certainly not for American interests, or the interests of human freedom in the world.


    1. k4R-15 Post author

      Insightful and thoughtful comment lwk. I admit I picked that image in a hurry and it turns out to be less than ideal for the article. I agree that ultimately the USA won’t have much if any influence in Syria.


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