Gun Control Roundup 9 June 2013

What are those crafty enemies of Liberty up to these days? Surely an issue that “over 90 percent of Americans” are concerned about can't just evaporate overnight, right?


Vice President Biden and Senators Reid and Manchin plan to have a freedom-haters' roundtable soon to see if they can hatch new schemes.

Of course there is also always the sneaky gun control amendment (pork) technique too…

House of Representatives

The Universal Background Check Gun Registration bill clone (yes, an identical bill to the one that failed in the Senate just weeks ago) is bottom feeding about in the House Judiciary committee. No sense of whether or not we will see it emerge…history would suggest that it is waiting for bloody shirts to adorn the legislation with…


President Obama has promised (most recently via Secretary of State John Kerry) that he will continue to defy the wishes of the United States Senate. Well, the majority of Senators anyway, not the 46 who voted to hand your Constitutional rights to the United Nations.

After not one but TWO actions were taken by Congress stating that the US shall not particpate in this treaty…while some may view this as an unforgiveable insult to the vision of our Founding Fathers (a mere 224 years ago) it may not be so bad.

The atmosphere on Capitol Hill toward treaty ratifications is “absolutely toxic,” according to Amnesty International

Although I don't want the US to sign the UN Arms Treaty it is good to see the Obama Adminsitration further alienating any political colleagues as they flounder about in an abundance of scandals- it exposes the arrogance of the POTUS and further underscores Americas desperate need for new political blood across the boards. Even Piers Morgan has admitted gun-rights advocates may have a point about “government tyranny.”

The other thing helping the 2A is that growing list of Obama Administration scandals (this article doesnt even include the latest NSA intrusion into law-abiding citizens' Constitutional Rights) that continue to undermine their credibility ( thanks again to the mainstream media Journolists for making sure the public didn't know about all these BEFORE the 2012 elections – I sincerely hope you all enjoy the privacy invasions the DoJ has repaid you with).

So for now things at the Federal level are pretty quiet – but I fear that's only unless another opportunity to wave bloody shirts.


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