Defensive Training Tip: practice mag dumps

millerusaf does some good things in the video above. This video is a bit unpolished but its short and to the point. Let's review the good and the bad elements of this video. The good things Miller is reinforcing include:

  • Once you engage a threat it's up to you to end the fight- that means responding with overwhelming force. You may not need to dump the mag (it depends on what you're carrying) but the only reason you should stop shooting is if the threat is down.
  • I enjoy training for double taps, Mozambique (failure drill), etc…. but none of that matters in a true defensive situation. Shoot center mass and even in the extremely unlikely case where a threat is wearing body armor you will bring them to their knees (broken ribs, hard to breathe, etc.)
  • He is backing up as he fires (Get off the X!)- adding distance between him and the threat which increases his tactical advantage
  • Superb mechanical skills here- what muzzle rise? Note how his shoulders are shrugged forward to really press down on the pistol. Also he has a smooth and speedy cadence to his shots.

A few things that would improve this drill:

  • Where was the search and assess?
  • Firing to slide lock, he better get on that reload
  • Reholster. Train to reholster once the threat is neutralized and you don't identify additional threats in the vicinity
  • Please Please Please fix the typo!! It really hurts this video imho


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