When did the US Congress Forget the Difference Between Movies and Real Life?

Absurdity has reached new levels in Washington, DC. Two new bills are in play in the House that aim to prevent or require technology that they saw in movies.

Lunacy has reached new levels when Congress is more focused on writing laws based on fiction than laws aimed at keeping violent criminals in prison so they cannot commit additional rapes and murders while on parole. This is an important fact to keep in mind: Half of all murders are committed by people on “conditional release” (i.e., parole or probation). (Probation and Parole Violators in State Prison, 1991: Survey of State Prison Inmates, Robyn Cohen, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1995).

Ridiculous Bill #1: H.R. 2005: Personalized Handgun Safety Act

Rep Tierney (D-Mass.) is convinced that biometric tech in the real world is perfect because he saw it in the movie Skyfall : “This technology,however, isn't just for the movies- it's a reality.”

Nick Leghorn from TTAG offers an astute observation on the viability of this idea:

Smith & Wesson tried to introduce a similar — though much simpler — gizmo in their guns not too long ago when they added an internal lock to their firearms. They said it was to make the gun safer, prevent access by unauthorized people, yada yada yada. But in reality, all it did was make the gun malfunction when it was needed most. In short, they tried this already and failed. Miserably. “

If this tech is so awesome why don't law enforcement and military use it already? Not a single US firearms manufacturer has the ability to make something like this today. It's interesting to note that a law like this could be leveraged as a form of….wait for it… Gun control (by imposing undue hardships and hurdles on law abiding citizens).

Ridiculous Bill #2: H.R. 1474: Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act

3D printed guns – assuming that what happened in the film In the Line of Fire is now imminent to happen everywhere. Look at this panicky quote from the notable Anti, Sen. Schumer:

A terrorist, someone who’s mentally ill, a spousal abuser, a felon can essentially open a gun factory in their garage,” Sen. Schumer said. “And the only thing they need a computer and a little over a thousand dollars. No background check and you don’t even need to leave your house to make hundreds of these guns.”

Woah. I guess the Senator from New York finally has it right- we had better move swiftly and decisively to censor this information and eradictae it from, well, the enitre distributed file sharing structure of the internet. Except in this case Sen. Schumer is absolutely wrong (again):

  • Phillip Bump from The Atlantic Wire tried to make his own Liberator. He ultimately determined that “printing your own gun is not a feasible enterprise“. He couldn't find a printer that would do a good enough job to build parts worthy of a live round or a company willing to print it for him.
  • That small issue notwithstanding, The fear of printed guns assumes they are completely undetectable – except for that metal stuff called ammunition. Or can we also print a synthetic case capable of containing gunpowder ignition?
  • What criminal will go though the time, expense and effort to do this while they could simply steal a gun or buy one on the black market like they already do today?
  • Most people could probably make a more effective zip gun in their basement using commonly found household items like pieces of metal pipe, rubber bands and a nail. So why aren't we plagued by those things popping up everywhere already?

The fact that these things are even wasting time in Congressional committees is disgraceful. In a Congress that has characters like Sen. Manchin who claims “you can't stop government” this is deeply disturbing. I have a news flash for you Senator (and all your Big Government cohorts): you CAN stop government. Watch how a growingly discontent population accomplishes that in America: at the polls.



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