Myth Debunked: Guns in the Home are Likely to be Used in Suicides

Facts, not feelings. That's what you can expect at Today let's review the facts about the latest lie about guns being circulated by the enemies of Liberty.

Lee Schneider blubbers on in The Huff with misguided rhetoric claiming that guns in the home equate to general misery and suicide. Never mind that privately owned firearms prevent crimes at least 2.5 million times each year. I wish Lee Schneider could explain how 2.5 million more crimes against law-abiding citizens every year would create a nation with less misery and suicide.

Another liar, Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy, claims that “There’s a reality that 19,000 people are going to commit suicide because there’s a gun in their house”

Despite their claims that they want to help Americans the facts show that Lee Schneider and Governor Daniel Malloy actually are advocating policies that will increase crimes and suicides in The United States.


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