Updated Ammo Outlook (Spring 2013)

A few months ago the ammo drought was forecast to stretch all the way into November before one could expect to find reloading components and ammo gracing the shelves of their LGS. The good news: ammo and components are appearing now and then. However there are quotas in place and you have to work at it: waiting for stores to open so you can be first; calling around to lots of places; its far from convenient right now. Why are things still like this? After all we only added millions of new gun owners to the pool.

  • Internet retailers not caught up (or are caught up for minutes then sold out)
  • The vendors that actually have ammo/components are price gouging at insance levels or leveraging quotas (although many are also not price gouging). 2 boxes of ammo is not exactly a windfall when an IPSC event has a minimum 100rd requirement
  • Internet orders get pricy w. hazmat fees: Cabelas has a 2lb limit on powder right now. Handling fees raise the price to just about double the retail price of 8 months ago.

I talked to a contact at Berrys mfg last week. He said all current efforts are on serving big suppliers like Cabellas, Chattanooga, and Midway USA. They expect to have retail supplies back in 2 months. So mid-July is the hopeful date we can see more than .45-70 and .38 bullets. back at bulk pricing.

Remington invested $32million on an expansion to their ammo manufacturing facility in Arkansas. It will take until Q2 2014 to be fully operational. That's a pretty long-ranging investment in increased production.

At the NRA Convention manufacturers said that they don't know when supply and demand will reverse places again. I recently spoke with some contacts who supply components to ammo manufacturers; they view this as sustainable but only short term- potentially until a 2A-friendly candidate is in White House.

Speaking of the White House, their DHS lackeys continue to do their best to further constrain consumer supplies.

The Good: You can find ammo and even components oday if youre saavy and either willing to work to find it or willing to pay a premium price.

The Bad: Unconstrained supplies and ammo are not likely to appear until November or later.

How to fix it: If we let the Progs/Dems win the midterm elections in the Senate and/or take the House we will have further problems finding ammo (not to mention risk some bad new gun control laws). Keep your voice heard in Washington. Vote smart and encourage your friends and family to vote- do it for ammo's sake.


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