The Shameful Playbook of the Gun Control crowd

The Gun Grabbers' nefarious playbook includes several tactics to help accomplish their goal of abolishing The Second Amendment for law-abiding cotizens in the name of 'stopping gun violence' (despite the fact that GUN CRIME HAS DECLINED 69% OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS WITHOUT ANY NEW GUN CONTROL LAWS). Here are some of the tactics they are employing…

Attack the character of gun owners to divide them from Americans who know nothing about guns. Start by turning public opinion against Gun Owners by portraying them as:

They don't stop there but also attack the people who don't fit the mold of their myth – even when it is inaccurate. Mr. Colion Noir had thousands of subscribers long before he joined NRA News. Who exactly made up this audience? Apparently people with the traits listed above. This is how the “Progressives” act? What are they progressing towards?

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