Young Voters Want Less Gun Control

Whoops- maybe the geniuses running the Civilian Disarmament platform missed this rather relevant news flash: According to an ongoing study by Harvard University's institute of politics, 35% of Millennials favor leaving gun laws exactly as they are today while 15% of Millennials favor less strict gun laws. That adds up to 50% folks- 50% of the the young, energetic voters who carried Obama home in both elections aren't really convinced that gun control will do anything good to America. That sure is peculiar for an issue that 90% of Americans supposedly favor.

Now for another fact that must perturb the Antis to no end: less than 4% of Americans think gun control is an important issue.

So is it really any surprise that the “backlash” Senators who stood up for Liberty are facing back home and the “outrage” in the streets doesn't seem to be quite what the MSM and its JournoLists are aiming for, this is turning into hollow, pathetic propaganda. How did that “alliance of gun-control groups and advocates” turn out at the evil gathering known as the NRA National Convention?

As shown on multiple blogs by convention attendees: Actual photos show <12 people – the Smallest 90% Yet!! Yes- the gun control protest outside the Hoston NRA Convention is pictured above.

The facts are that gun control is not important to most of America- so why won't the White House and the Journolists let it go???


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