.40 S&W target load recipe

Unless this is your first visit to this site you likely have a sense that I believe in the phrase Train to Maintain. That equates to some level of live fire practice and live fire requires live ammo. This is the recipe I use for my training ammo. It's based on efficiency- don't get wild with your powder, don't get wild with a heavy practice projectile. The most reasonably priced projectiles I like to work with for my .40 are 135gr FMJs from Berry's Mfg. Cheaper projectiles can be found- for example lead wadcutters can be had for half the price- but I just like the glimmer of the copper jackets.

Reloading Press

I run this load recipe on my Lee Precision Pro 1000 Press and load once-fired brass (both factory and re-mans) along with a bunch of range brass I foraged from various ranges. If you're starting out with a caliber range brass can be a really useful way to build up your brass on the cheap- just be sure to scrutinize those empties for damage and compliance with spec.

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Load Data

Caliber: .40 S&W

Projectile: 135gr FMJ

Primer: Winchester Small Pistol Primers

Powder: Winchester 231 or HP-38

Measure: 6.3gr

Lee Auto-Disc setting: 0.57

Min OAL: 1.125 in.

Max OAL: 1.135 in.

KR-15 optimal OAL: 1.130 in.

I calibrate my bullet seating to hit the middle of the tolerance- theoretically that will result in more usable rounds because the variance in either direction is the most forgiving.


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