Shelter in Place? What happened to the Fight post-9/11 mindset

What happened to America over the past 12 years? At this time of year in 2001 citizens had a new set of marching orders to protect themselves after the September 11 terrorist attacks on American civilians. The advice was logical – especially to anyone with a CCW permit:
  1. Don't comply with bad guys because it may not end well for you. Be prepared to fight because it could make a significant difference if you resist.
  2. Practice situational awareness- dont relax to condition white in public. Be vigilant- dont ignore cues that someone is a threat or may be searching for victims.

Taking personal responsibility for the safety of my loved ones and myself was one of the most simple decisions of my entire life. The second I learned to look at the world this way I knew there was no choice but to ensure their safety to the very best of my abilities. What's the alternative?

Unfortunately the preference these days seems to be to encourage people to cower in their homes if there is a threat at large. Which of these options sounds better:

  • Hide in your home (ideally disarmed) and wait it out while you hope that the bad guy doesn't choose your home to seek cover, transportation, or victims.
  • OR

  • Make sure you have a firearm within reach and stay alert. If you're at home keep vigilant and prepared to defend your loved ones.

I'm not saying that we need to form posses and comb our neighborhoods, but when the Police tell us that they are unlikely to be able to stop a violent crime from being committed against you whats the better option?

How did that last Boston Bomber get caught? By NOT sheltering in place– someone discovered him in their backyard!


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