More Senate Gun Control Bills Looming

Now that Gun Control got its vote and the American political process ran its course will the Senate finally move on to the economy and some issues that are actually important to voters- like the Economy, Federal Deficit or Dissatisfaction with Government? Sigh, the horizon is clear for The Second Amendment but clouds loom just past the horizon.

Although there are more threats looming ahead in the 113th Congress the first vote on amendments to s.649 was a watershed event in the latest American culture wars, but it came down to this: The People were heard when one branch of government reached too far- and leaders were present who took a stand for Liberty and refused to bow to pressure and propaganda and relentless, classless exploitation of the victims of horrific crimes.

The US political system worked once again by maintaining the balance of power just as the founding fathers envisioned. To keep it working its up to all of us to stay awake and be active participants in the political process.

Don't let the Senate vote on Toomey-Manchin end up a temporary victory for Liberty – we must stay vocal, stay involved and visit the polls in 2014. And 2016. The Civilian Disarmament coalition is planning to capitalize on the myths they have nursed along for the past 5 months– don't let it happen.



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