MCN on Why The Second Amendment Remains Relevant Today

Mr. Noir tends to provoke thought with his insights. Here are my thoughts after hearing his on Evil and how we choose to respond to it.

Evil is alive and well in the year 2013. We all had another reminder during the Boston Marathon this week when radical Islamic Terrorists committed acts of senseless violence against innocents. This surely was a great disappointment to MSM Joronlists, since the evil people who chose to attack Boston were not domestic right-wing types or anyone they could leverage into resurrecting their Civilian Disarmament agenda.

The city of Chicago is reminded on a near-daily basis the presence of evil in the life and well in 2013. Not to mention what the future holds for the disarmed, law-abiding citizens of Chicago when the young societal predators committing these violent acts get older. And bolder. Or learn how to shoot.

Evil does not appear to be going away any time soon. What are you going to do about this are you going to wish that evil didn't exist and hope that no societal predator crosses paths with you or your loved ones? Last time I checked hope was a diamond, not a strategy.

America is the land of freedom – law-abiding citizens have the right to choose how to live their lives. I choose to exercise my Second Amendment rights because I refuse to risk trusting the fate of my loved ones or my own safety to hope when confronted by evil.

As MCN points out this may not be the answer in every single situation – but could you live with yourself if you had a chance to stop evil from harming your loved ones but chose not to?


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