Now Is The Time: Pro 2A Twitter Thunderclap

The White House is launching a media campaign to push for the Obama Gun Control Civilian Disarmament package. Gut wrenching emotional propaganda to wave the bloody shirt with a special address this week, popup windows on the site and of course a twitter bomb to make sure the slogan permeates every single inch of media possible. The tag line for this propaganda assault is “now is the time” (because if people stop and analyze this situation the so-called solution doesn't do anything to address the problem).
Some well organized Second Amendment benefactor Luke Rohlfing has kicked off a response campaign to the twitter bomb- organizing a Pro-2A twitter-bomb of course. Sign up by April 24 to participate- please get involved and help amplify a response to the the relentless Mainstream Media.

While you're flexing your twitter muscles you can also visit the folks at and tweet the POTUS a little love note. Remember that all tweets are captured and documented in the Library of Congress – this is a great opportunity to go on the record as a supporter of The Second Amendment. Hopefully you can tell your grandkids about this someday after an afternoon at the range together.

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