Active Federal Gun Control Legislation (April 14, 2013)

What a week it's been for the legislative assault on The Second Amendment. The filibuster got toppled by Senators who demonstrated that they may not be as Pro-2A as they claim to be. Strength and determination coupled with persistence is what it will take to defend the rights of law-abiding Americans- this is far from over.

The mainstream media (who were caught taking radical steps to shape public opinion less than 5 years ago) wants you and me and the rest of the world to believe their claims that 90% of America wants Universal Expanded Gun Registration Background Checks. They want us to give up and let the Antis become the loudest voice on Captol Hill. I refuse to let this happen. It's up to everyone who cares about The Second Amendment to keep calling CongressCritters. Keep sending emails (although calls make a larger impact and are faster and easier). Tell them to Oppose the legislation listed below.

The US Senate: S.649 and the Toomey-Manchin Amendment (on the floor for debate)

In other words the proposal in the Senate could end up destroying the 2A if we don't oppose it.

The House: Toomey-Manchin Clone

Now some Antis in the House are introducing a clone of the Toomey-Manchin Amendment as a bill next week. This should have to go through committee before we see if it emerges for a vote, so it's a distraction for all practical purposes right now. The Senate is the place to focus your efforts if you want to make a difference. Contact your Senator today to demand that they oppose this legislation. Leaving a phone message will have the biggest impact.


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