Facts About “No One is Coming to Take Your Guns”


Too often over the past few months politicians and lobbyists have said “No one is coming for your guns.” Who? People like  the enemies of Liberty at Mother Jones. That is what the Antis want everyone to believe- today just register- only bad people will be stopped this way and you don’t have anything to hide, right? The problem here is that registration leads to confiscation- it did in the Philippines in 1972 when Ferdinand Marcos confiscated all civilian guns AND ‘unauthorized’ (unregistered) guns….which paved the way to declare martial law. You know, the kind of martial law that allowed him to confiscate assets and businesses of those he viewed as rivals to absolute power. But that couldn’t happen here- this is America! Wow I sound paranoid, don’t I?

I would like to agree. However registration has led to confiscation in the US already. Examples include California, New York City (possibly state depending on the fate of the ridiculously named SAFE Act) and Boston…more on those examples here.

The thing that got my blood pressure up on this topic again is this quote from California State Traitor Senator Mark Leno last week:

“When it comes to preventing gun violence in California, we are at a distinct advantage because we are the only state in the nation that utilizes a unique system to identify persons who are barred from possessing firearms,” Leno said in a statement.

The fog! It’s lifting for just a moment….so, California has a system it can use to track gun owners? Well as long as we can trust them to respect our Civil Rights. After all the US Constitution does NOT permit these unalienable rights, it PROTECTS them. See California started small with gun control but has continued to expand the list of firearms it deems A-Words or otherwise illegal for citizens to possess.

Now that the pieces are in place registry list of gun owners all they need to do is start expanding the list of weapons it deems illegal and start to expand the definitions of people it deems unfit to own weapons and….dang. I guess it’s best for everyone if we just pay our law-abiding citizens a visit to take care of that illegal weapon problem….

“However, we have only been able to confiscate a small number of these illegally possessed weapons due to lack of resources. Our reinvestment in this statewide identification program will help eliminate a troubling backlog and growing mountain of illegal weapons, which threatens public safety in our communities and prevents us from enforcing existing firearms laws.”

Wait a second! They said that no one was coming for our guns! Except in Cali where enough pieces are in place to do it… And come on, they are a ‘progressive’ state aren’t they? 

In case you already forgot how effective all this legislation has been let’s see how long it has been since a mentally disturbed person went on a murderous rampage in California? 29 days and counting… I don’t know about you but that makes me happy I am not prohibited from owning a rifle that gives me a fighting chance against one madman or 5 thugs who try to invade my home and harm my loved ones.

Do you find this as unsettling as I do? April is the time to stop these foolhardy ideas from taking hold in Congress! Watch this space for details on the bills up for vote in the Senate and the House. Make your voice heard on The Hill – I will help you do it with one click!



3 thoughts on “Facts About “No One is Coming to Take Your Guns”

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