Gun Control Pundit Mark Kelly Busted Buying an Evil AR-15


What gives Captain? Gun Control puppet Mark E Kelly, husband of gun control puppet and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords got caught exercising his Second Amendment rights this week in Tuscon, AZ. Recently Mark made a tour of legislative bodies testifying on behalf of renewing the A-Word ban and enacting as much civilian disarmament law as possible.

Of course this sequence of events makes perfect sense:

 So what are we supposed to think about all this Mark? It would seem that, assuming you are an honest and truthful man,  are planning to kill a large number of people very quickly. Clearly you did not expect to be outed after purchasing a modern-day musket for yourself. Then again your wife was the victim of a horrific violent crime, wasn’t she? I may be stretching here but maybe, just maybe are you worried about being able to defend your family and your home from criminals? I can understand that- in fact I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY ABOUT MY LOVED ONES AND PROPERTY.

That’s not a crime- in fact it makes a lot of sense. One thing puzzles me though- how could you possibly crusade for civilian disarmament in the United States, the country you swore an oath to protect and fought to protect in the Middle East? I really hope you don’t expect to retain credibility now that you have showed America that you think it’s not ok for the common citizen to be able to Keep and Bear Arms but when it comes to the Gifford Household …. well that’s a different story. 

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