16 Days left until my 1st IDPA

IDPA will be a big personal milestone for me- this has been a goal I have worked towards for at least one year. A little bit about me: I grew up in a pro-gun, pro-hunting family. I shot my first live round when I was 10 years old and received my first handgun gifts high school graduation gift. Something awful happened around age 26- I lost interest in shooting and decided to live sans-firearms. It was a horrible mistake! Luckily I decided to attend a CCW class about a year ago and I realized few things:

  • it is important to me know I have the ability to defend my loved ones and property if the need arises
  • it would be a good idea to buy a subcompact pistol for carry to ensure that I will carry be 
  • another good idea is to relearn to shoot since it has been more than a decade  

I did all three things. I started going to the range every week to get proficient with my subcompact. I started reading about pistol shooting technique, watching YouTube training videos and purchased Magpul Dynamics Art of the Dynamic Pistol. Now I should feel comfortable, right? For awhile I was…except I’m the sort of guy who likes to hedge his bets. I want to be confident that if I need to use my pistol defensively that I have a better than average chance to succeed. A few reasons I don’t consider this to be excessive:

  • NYPD Officers have had hit rates between 17-43%. Yes- they only hit their target as low as 17 times per 100 shots fired and in good years they hit their intended target 43 times per 100 shots.
  • Standing still at a range shooting a static target is one thing but incorporating movement is another key skill. How many people do you know who practice ‘getting off the X’ aka traveling?
  • The stress of a life-threatening event changes your ability to react. training to perform under stress seems logical.

Enter Practical Shooting.  IDPA, the International Defensive Pistol Association, has matches near me that I can participate in once per month year-offering stress in racing against the clock, travel, and the chance to observe and hopefully learn form people better than me. 

Travel and speed are two areas I think I need to improve on. Accuracy seems to be ok but I still suspect travel to lead to some irritating misses. Right now I am working a 1-1-R-3 drill based on this drill to get comfortable with tactical reloads. I use two similar 2″ targets for my first string, slide lock reload and triple tap the second mag into a target about 6″ in diameter. In the target below (this week’s first practice session) I alternated starting with one shot at 2 and 7 followed by the triple tap into 9. 3 and 4 were a different drill – disregard those shots. Ranges varied from 3-15 yds. The boxes around the circles are a half sheet of paper- smaller than the USPSA A zone. 

15 days left to see how the training reps come together…and see how much remains intact under stress.

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