$22 for a box of 50 22LR


Have we hit the bottom of the supply-demand ammo madness yet? When I was training on the range at one of my local gun stores (LGS)  last night the manager stopped me to chat. He mentioned that our good old standby, the 22LR rimfire, has finally succumbed to the wave of panic buying. You may be able to find .22 ammo at normal prices still (gunbroker.com shows prices panic prices to the tune of $0.25-$0.14 a round)– if you need ammo I suggest buying it quickly.

What evidence can I offer to support this word-of-mouth intel? The LGS manager was pricing boxes of CCI Standard Velocity 22LR at $22 per box of 50. That’s right- only a price hike of 1000% compared to 180 days ago.

Dry fire practice can keep you sharp in the meantime- remember not to dry fire your rimfire (22LR, 17 HMR, etc) though since you may damage your firing pin =)

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