Some Good News Out of Minnesota

This is why I keep asking people to let their elected officials hear their voices: the political system can work when we stand up for ourselves and our rights. Case in point: 

As gun-control advocates filled the Capitol rotunda on Monday, a senator holding gun hearings this week said he will not take up weapons and ammunition bans that the activists favor.

“The outright banning of guns is a conversation that is more suited on the federal level,” said Sen. Ron Latz, DFL-St. Louis Park, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, in a statement.

Why on earth would the good Senator, a major Dem in a state bluer than Papa Smurf, back off on disarming Minnesota? The POTUS was just there to remind everyone to implement state laws that reflect his Gun Control Civilian Disarmament agenda. One small problem though…outside of the Twin Cities Minnesota is a rather rural state chock full of gun owners. People who will remember which politicians listened to their constituents. 

STAND UP AND BE HEARD! If you have not yet done so demand that your Congressional Reps sign the Stockman-Broun letter. Contact your state elected officials now to let them know how you feel about your Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. There will continue to be attacks on The Second Amendment at state and even municipal levels. We can stop quite a bit of it by making phone calls and sending email messages. 

Stay Frosty out there and never forget: every firearm has two enemies: rust and politicians. You have the ability to protect it from both.

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