The Facts about Gun Registration

Disclaimer: I am not watching the SOTU tonight so who knows what new specter will rise in another attempt to convince American Citizens to rally for more gun control, I mean, Prevention of Gun Violence. At the moment there are two likely ‘compromise’ bills the Anti’s will likely try to bargain for if the AWB continues on its current trajectory into oblivion (although I remember a time not too many months ago when a presidential election was widely referred to a Romney victory as a ‘done deal’): A Hi-cap magazine ban (topic covered in the WSJ this week) and a Gun Registry. 

Some call it ‘universal background checks’ or closing a ‘gun show loophole’ but how could ANYONE in their right mind believe that the same government building one of these could be trusted to not keep copies of every background check form? That is a gun registry as far as I can tell.

Also ignore the reports of ATF agents entering Gun Shops and scanning, photographing or photocopying 4473 forms – even though collection of those background check records against the law (section 103(i) of the Brady Law). Don’t misinterpret me here- I would support a background checking system that was guaranteed to not retain copies of it’s transactions, but I don’t see anyone proposing that idea- instead we are asked to trust our government-who is already ignoring existing privacy laws by copying 4473s. Unfortunately I just can’t see how Universal Federal Background checks for all firearm purchases won’t result in a national gun registry.

Here are some Facts- not feelings- about universal background checks – aka gun registries. Bonus Facts demonstrating how registries lead to confiscation. Each fact below is documented and you can verify those references here thanks to Guy Smith.

Myth: Gun registration works
Fact: Not in California. California has had handgun registration since 1909 and it has not any impact of violent crime rate.
Fact: Not in Boston, Cleveland, or California. These cities and state require registration of “assault weapons.” The compliance rate in Boston and Cleveland is about 1%. 
Fact: Not in New Zealand. They repealed their gun registration law in the 1980s after police acknowledged its worthlessness.

Fact: Not in Australia. One report states, “It seems just to be an elaborate system of arithmetic with no tangible aim. Probably, and with the best of intentions, it may have been thought, that if it were known what firearms each individual in Victoria owned, some form of control may be exercised, and those who were guilty of criminal misuse could be readily identified. This is a fallacy, and has been proven not to be the case.”95 In addition, cost to Australian taxpayers exceeded $200 million annually.

Fact: Not in Canada. More than 20,000 Canadian gun-owners have publicly refused to register their firearms. Many others (as many as 300,00097) are silently ignoring the law.

  • And all at a cost more than 1,646% the original projected cost98 (the original cost was estimated at 5% of all police expenditures in Canada). “The gun registry as it sits right now is causing law abiding citizens to register their guns but it does nothing to take one illegal gun off the street or to increase any type of penalty for anybody that violates any part of the legislation,” according to Al Koenig, President, Calgary Police Association.100 “We have an ongoing gun crisis, including firearms-related homicides lately in Toronto, and a law registering firearms has neither deterred these crimes nor helped us solve any of them,” according to Toronto police Chief Julian Fantino .
  • A Saskatchewan MP who endorsed the long gun registry when first proposed has introduced legislation to abolish it stating that, “[the registry] has not saved one life in Canada, and it has been a financial sinkhole … absolutely useless in helping locate the 255,000 people who have been prohibited from owning firearms by the courts.”

Fact: Not in Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany began comprehensive gun registration in 1972. The government estimated that between 17,000,000 and 20,000,000 guns were to be registered, but only 3,200,000 surfaced, leaving 80% unaccounted for.

Fact: Criminals don’t register their guns.

Myth: Registration does not lead to confiscation
Fact: It did in California. The 1989 Roberti-Roos A-word Control Act required registration. Due to shifting definitions of “A-words,” many legal firearms are now being confiscated by the California government.
Fact: It did in New York City. In 1967, New York City passed an ordinance requiring a citizen to obtain a permit to own a rifle or shotgun, which would then be registered. In 1991, the city passed a ban on the private possession of some semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, and “registered” owners were told that those firearms had to be surrendered, rendered inoperable, or taken out of the city.

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Fact: It did in Canada. The handgun registration law of 1934 was the source used to identify and confiscate (without compensation) over half of the registered handguns in 2001.

Fact: It did in Germany. The 1928 Law on Firearms and Ammunition (before the Nazis came into power) required all firearms to be registered. When Hitler came into power, the existing lists were used for confiscating weapons.

Fact: It did in Australia. In 1996, the Australian government confiscated over 660,000 previously legal weapons from their citizens.

Fact: It did in Bermuda, Cuba, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, and Soviet Georgia as well. 

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