reason-rupe poll: support for gun control “is not as clear cut as some may have previously thought”

Emily Ekins is a calm voice of reason in a turbulent sea of distorted agenda-driven media. Perhaps that’s why she is a contributor to  She can afford to be calm because she has the data to not only back up her poll results but also to address tire-kicking questions like ‘if the polls we see on the media outlets show different results how can I tell who is correct?’

You can check out her video coverage here or make the jump to see the highlights I’d like to add to this edition of Firearm Facts- Not Feelings. Despite the fact that the poll finds there is a slim majority in favor of a ban on A-WORDs


Some facts to take away from these poll results:

  • Even though the Reason-Rupe poll uses the same pollster as the Pew Research Center, asked a different way, Pew finds majority support for a ban on assault style weapons 55 to 40 percent. This suggests that question wording can significantly impact what considerations are brought to mind when respondents answer questions and thus impact their responses.
  • Regardless, response variability across polls demonstrates support for an assault weapons ban is not as clear cut as some may have previously thought.
The results also indicate two things I find noteworthy:
  • The majority of 18-24 year olds support ownership of a friendly neighborhood AR-15 (or I imagine a BLK since many of the young consider themselves ‘progressive’). Nice work alienating your base to start off this term, White House. 
  • People who we need to educate include those over 54 and people who are unfamiliar with firearms
 The data in this poll strongly suggests that if a greater number of Americans were familiar with firearms the margins would shift to a strong stance against gun control. That’s right- no more panic buying, match triggers, lower parts kits, ammo and components– it could all be readily available again and stay available if we got a few of these so-called ‘progressives’ to shed their ignorance and fear of modern sporting rifles. How could anyone make a difference?
It could be as easy as talking to people and sticking to the facts without letting your emotion shade your responses. I will continue to add quality resources backed with facts to this site- share them! 
Take a noob to the range- no political talk just have fun. Nick Leghorn is organizing an event for March 9 on this
If you have not yet done so email your elected officials
After all, it’s our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones in an increasingly uncivilized world at stake. And the ability of future generations to do so. Isn’t that worth getting involved to affect positive results?

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